About Our Flowers

Did you know that the flowers bought from supermarkets, online and florist shops are mostly imported from far flung places around the world via the Dutch flower auctions?

Not only have they been flown or shipped many miles, (adding to global carbon emmissions), they’ve also been grown intensively using chemicals including pesticides and herbicides – at a time when scientists are warning that our planet and its biodiverstity is under serious threat.

Here at the Oak Tree we don’t use artificial/harmful chemicals and there are no airmiles involved. Our flowers are grown at our farm in Rushmere St Andrew by our farm community and money from flower sales goes to support our not-for-profit Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm social enterprise

Our flowers smell heavenly and include Sweet Peas, Old Fashioned Carnations and more, depending on season.  How often do go to smell a flower from a supermarket and find that it has no scent? Disappointing to say the least…

Oak Tree flowers are wonderfully vibrant too. People say how fantastic they look. And our flower gardens are full of bees, they absolutely love our flowers 🙂

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