Armchair Membership Details 2018 -2019

Armchair Members enjoy a weekly veg box without any work commitment at all 🙂

They pay a bit more than our other members to get this unique “armchair” benefit. This extra payment really helps the farm.

Armchair Membership costs £16 per week from June 2018 for one year, with the option renewal of membership for further full year after that.

  • No work hours involved
  • Free veg box delivery in the Ipswich area. If you live outside the Ipswich area please collect your veg box from the farm.
  • Aimed at those who are unable to commit to working at the farm. Armchair members pay a bit more money to compensate for having no work commitment.
  • So please relax and enjoy your Armchair Membership with us!
  • Of course you are very welcome to come and work at the farm if you ever wish to do so!

All farm members receive an equal share of the harvest each week in a veg box and have the opportunity of joining in our social events at the farm.

How do I join?
To sign up as a Member of The Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) scheme please:

  1. Carefully read, complete and sign our  Armchair Membership form 2018 -19
  2. The form can be saved and emailed to us at: [email protected]
  3. Or, you can print off a copy and post it to us at: The Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm, Playford Lane, Rushmere St. Andrew, IPSWICH, IP5 1DW
  4. We will reply with the farm bank account details so you can confirm your membership by transferring the deposit of £25 to secure your place.
  5. We will then email you to confirm your place and welcome you a Member of The Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm!

Membership payment and veg boxes start during the first week of June and continue for 12 months. (1st June 2018 – 31st May 2019)

All members commit to being members of the farm for a minimum of 1 year. This is vital for the financial viability of the Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm.

Thank you 🙂


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