A Useful Book

I’ve read countless books on growing and smallholding over the years, and just this weekend I have read a book that couldn’t have been more timely for me. Surviving and Thriving on the Land by Rebecca Laughton is pretty well summed up by its subtitle How to use your time and energy to run a sucessful smallholding. The most valuable part of the book for me was her descriptions of sucessful, and less sucessful, smallholdings (with a focus on market gardens) according to how well the people running them managed their energy and general well being. There is always too much to do in any garden, let alone a commercial one, and the trick seems to be a positive attitude, well planned rest and sufficient perspective. I’ve lost perpective a few times already, trying to get everything done at The Oak Tree, so Rebecca’s book was a welcome way to spend my half day off last week, Sunday afternoon spent in front of my wood burner.

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