Change in the Weather?

I wonder whether the weather is finally about to turn for the better? I need a soil temperature of 5°C to plant my clover/grass fertility building green manure mix that will cover most of the field. We’re not there yet, but the forecast does look promising next week. Meanwhile, about four fifths of the field has been ploughed by what looked to me like an enormous tractor, but the friendly contractor Paul assured me it was one of their smaller ones.

Not very low carbon, getting a tractor in, I know. But I hope it will be a one off, and it is a pragmatic way to getting the bulk of the field not only under control, but also improving in soil quality, that is once the clover and grass is established.

As for the remaining fifth, I am cultivating it with my two wheeled tractor, and transporting muck onto it with my hand cart from the next door stable yard. I think I am going to be brave and finally plant some seeds today. There is a mix of rain and warmer weather forecast for the next few days, so I’ll take a chance on it. The old hands on the next door allotment field reckon we are three weeks behind in weather here, and I think they are about right.

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