Breakdowns and a learning curve

I’m sat at home (ten minutes from the Oak Tree) here waiting for a bottle of specialist tractor oil to be delivered which I then have to get into an impossibly small looking hole on the rotovator fitting, and then put the whole thing back onto the tractor, which I am not sure if I am physically capable of doing.

The tractor has been out of action for nearly two weeks due to a part that is designed to break under strain breaking under strain, I’m glad it did, but then again I wish there hadn’t been a bit of string wrapped round it to do this in the first place. I know nothing about all things mechanical, but I am having to learn as I have had almost two weeks where I haven’t been able to plant much which is not good!

I’m slowly building up a selection of spare parts and useful things to prevent breakdowns from holding up work. A few weeks ago the wheel broke on my cart, and it took a tube of JB weld to do a temporary fix so I could finish spreading muck. It is really frustrating having to wait, but in the meantime I’ve been making sure everything else is carefully hoed and generally looked after.

One piece of completely obvious wisdom that I have gained is this: don’t try to lay out large sheets of horticultural fleece in windy conditions. Even if you really want to get it done. Wait for a calm day, it is better for the nerves and the plants!

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