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I went to the Farm to see the herb patch and after the draught since easter. Very happy to see everything had survived except perhaps the milk thistle. The weather has gotten wet the last few days and I always wait to weed until it has rained. Oh my how pleasurable to tease the weeds free so easily with intact roots. I left the violas and another odd plant that I have no idea what it was. I mainly took out poppies, a sugar beat/ chard family and small thistles. The sandy soil has a reddish hue  and I was really pleased to note it felt healthy and a good texture. Moisture makes many soils feel great and I have a good feeling that the farm is regeneratiing well, Blossoming underneath. I love seeing red clovers in the field.

I brought with me some more perrenial chamomile and another Echinacea. Plus an Echium, a huge thing that I got from The Eden Project. Not a herb but an amazing 3m flower spike. Needs frost protection and a 2012 flowering I think.

OK to the point of the post heading CSM or CSH Community Supported Medicine or Community Supported Herbalism.

Joanne has inspired us all. It works. I was thinking about doing scheme to invite people to pay a regular amount and in return they get free herbal medicines and can book consultations when they need to. There are a few issues but look at my permaculture design website for more info. The Diploma in Applied Permaculture is the next step for those having done the permaculture design certificate (72 hours). You have to do 10 designs. I am using this process to design various bits of my life and ‘how I am a herbalist’ relates to this idea of CSM. What I need is enough people to be interested to take this idea forward.

The CSM idea need not be land based but an extension to the idea could be to grow the herbs on a piece of land. Those in a CSM the scheme could help grow the herbs and turn them into medicines. I also see the problem ‘How to cope with lots of people wanting attention and consultations’ to the solution ‘inviting people to spend healing time tending the herbs and making their medicines alongside foot baths and napping with a poultice on’.

These ideas do not relate to Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm as to date it has just been an idea in my head. I hope  Joanne will excuse my first raising this idea on the Oak Tree blog before talking with her about it, it’s just I have seen how people have taken to the CSA and it has inspired me to form these ideas.





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