Squash and Potato Harvesting, Working Party

The Squash harvest looks good, you’ll have already had the Spaghetti Squash and some of the Butternut squash, we have a good harvest of the Japanese squash n the cold frames for storage (this stores better than the other two)

Japanese Squash in the cold frames to keep off frost

The potato harvest carries on using the new potato lifter attachment for the tractor

Eric harvesting the spuds

and we have a newly added potato clamp using the straw bales that we used as benches in the Harvest meal

Potato clamp using straw bales, there'll be spuds in there somewhere

freshly lifted row of potatoes

The new polytunnel is doing well with new seedlings

Seedlings in the new polytunnel

Dan and Kirsty started tidying the herb garden

Dan and Kirsty tidying the Herb Garden

and discovered an elephant hawk-moth in the Great Mullein

propagating Great Mullein

and enjoyed the heady scent of the Wormwood, with some thought of making smudge sticks from it – the pungency of wormwood was traditionally used to drive out insects in the home

Kirsty with some Wormwood

Tom spotted a fox in the disrtance with designs on Lewis’s chickens, so he charged off up the field after it, causing much merriment as it looked an unequal battle, four legs good in the speed department

There's a fox out there, Tom!


It's getting colder - early morning dew on the brassicas

for all that it’s mid-October we’ve had fantastic weather for the working party

Sunflower in the fabulous sun for the working party today

It won’t be obnly the Oak tree goldfinches that benefit from the sunflowers, Tom and Kirsty will hang this one up for their garden birds

Pecked out by Kirsty, not the sparrows

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