More chicks on the way

Every year, around the time that the second batch of chicks reach the “life is so exciting and we can fly” stage I vow that this will be the last batch of chicks for the year. Don’t get me wrong – they are adorable, but they are very hard work as by this stage they are, as Tom once put it with his characteristic understatement, “shitting for Britain”.

And then a month or so passes, and I find myself holding an egg from my favourite girls, knowing that young Boris the Buff Sussex cockerel will have done his bit, thinking, “wouldn’t it be nice to have some more chicks?” I justify this to myself because we never have enough eggs to supply all our CSA members who would like them. But the real reason is that it is just so much fun. And wouldn’t it be nice to have some chicks for the younger (and not so young!) members of the CSA to hold at the harvest celebrations in September?

And so began a quest for some Ixworth hatching eggs. Ixworths are a local Suffolk breed, dual purpose (meat and egg birds) so just the thing for The Oak Tree (we don’t kill chicks who are the “wrong” sex). Which led me to collect some eggs provided by these lovely birds, who belong to Greg who will supply you with eggs via ebay – he is buildergreg100 on ebay if you are tempted to incubate some Ixworths of your own!

Ixworthstoo Ixworths

Also in the incubator are some more Golden Lace Orpingtons (these are very pretty!) and some of our own Oak Tree eggs from Boris and his ladies. Watch this space for more chick photos!

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