Awards for All grants from The Big Lottery Fund

We’re delighted to announce that we have just been awarded a total of £9,900 by the Awards for All Big Lottery Fund. This award is to provide equipment to enable us to expand our community supported agriculture scheme from the current membership of 38 shares to 54 shares from June 2014. The grant will enable us to buy equipment for growing and packing vegetables, for caring for our animals, for improving our Permaculture Forest Garden and also for a new breeding sow and two beef cattle. All very excting, so very many thanks to all at the Big Lottery Fund, as well as to wonderful CSA member Sue H who helped me to prepare our application!

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Oak Tree Outreach Project

We would like to thank the Big Lottery Awards for All for supporting an outreach project at the farm. Their support enables us to welcome a broader community of people to the Oak Tree.

Over the years we have been contacted by many people who wanted to spend time at the farm including those looking for voluntary work or work placement opportunities, school groups or other groups and those with special or additional needs.

Some people we have been able to accommodate – but there have been others who we felt unable to support.

We never like turning people away, but in some cases we felt we did not have the relevant skills, time, expertise or resources needed to support those who contacted us.

The Lottery funding enables us to run a trial project. We are welcoming a very wide range of new people to the farm to see if and how the farm could benefit them.

We are assessing jointly with those involved, the resources we would need at the Oak Tree in order to host this broader community of people at the farm in the longer term. The trial project which ends in November 2018 will enable us to learn from the wider community what they would need at the farm.

If anyone would like to visit the farm as part of this project please do get in touch. we are busy with day to day tasks so visits are by appointment, thank you!

We also offer work-shares as part of this project. For anyone who is unable to commit to a full year’s membership – a work share is an alternative option.

Volunteering at the Farm – Workshares

If you are unable to commit to a full year of farm membership, we can offer you a work share volunteering opportunity instead.

A work-share is where you volunteer to work at the farm on a regular basis, helping out with our food growing and harvesting. In return we can offer you a little food or flowers in return.

You will be able to spend some time in the beautiful environment of the farm, learn about food growing, gain new skills and meet others.

Tasks will vary each week and you will be shown how to do them.

For more details contact us at [email protected]


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