Tom’s wildlife blog – December 2013

IMG_2903A wet and windy though mild December, in which the frequent stormy conditions have continued to be a problem for the farm infrastructure. It hasn’t kept the birds quiet though. Our resident little owls, starlings, blackbirds and great tits are the most vocal of the local bird life at the moment, while recently the local geese from the duck pond have taken up residence. We’re hoping they don’t get a taste for any of our crops!

IMG_2900Magpies and pied wagtails are frequently joined by crows in the pig pen looking for scraps or grubs in the disturbed ground. The pigs don’t leave them much though – they are pretty efficient eaters and are turning over ground very quickly now, especially in the wet weather.

There are foxes, stoats and plenty of pigeons about ready to cause us problems if it gets really cold and they get really hungry but for the time being our overwintering crops look healthy and safe.

At least the days are lengthening – roll on spring!

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