Meeting with Minister for Climate Change via local MP Ben Gummer

A few weeks ago members of The Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm Community Supported Agriculture Scheme were invited to a meeting with Minister for Climate Change & Energy Greg Barker by MP for Ipswich Ben Gummer. It was a small meeting where the Minister set out how he feel the current government has succeeded with climate change and energy policy to local groups interested in environmental issues.

Joanne Mudhar talking with Ben Gummer at the meeting

Joanne Mudhar talking with Ben Gummer at the meeting

Joanne gave an informal presentation about what we are up to at The Oak Tree, in particular the potentially very powerful tool in the fight against climate change, namely  sequestration of carbon in soil organic matter thanks to modern reworkings of traditional farming methods such as regenerative agriculture and mob grazing (we are developing these ourselves at The Oak Tree).

Ben Gummer asked us for a briefing paper on this, which we duly sent. Many, many thanks to friend of the farm, author, scientist, broadcaster and founder of The Oxford Real Farming Conference Colin Tudge for his wonderful contribution! So here it is, the words which we sent to Greg Barker via local MP Ben Gummer. We’ll keep you posted when we get a reply!

Briefing paper on a the significance of Soil Carbon Sequestration as significant tool for absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere


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