Supermarkets – please give your food waste to our pigs!

An open letter to local supermarkets:

Dear Sir or Madam,


I’m getting in touch on behalf of The Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm on the edge of Ipswich. We are a not for profit social enterprise which offers a wide range of community, health and ecological benefits to our local members and the wider community.

We are about to lose our current supplier of (legal) waste food for our ten traditional rare breed pigs which is a big worry for us – we may have to stop keeping pigs as the cost of commercial pig food would be prohibitive for us, and we prefer to make use of food which would otherwise go to waste.

This would be a huge shame as our pigs are very popular with our members and visitors, both young and not so young, and they are a vital part of our vegetable growing operation as our “piggy plough” preparing  our vegetable beds by digging and manuring, as shown in this video:

Would you be willing to give us your waste bakery produce which is no longer fit for human consumption? We have a considerable community of supporters both locally and on social media from further afield, and we would be delighted to share the news that your organisation is forward thinking enough to work with a little, local, not for profit community ecological farm like us!

All the best,
Joanne Mudhar
Director, The Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm

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