Coleslaw with a twist, by Mary

If making an Indian or Thai style meal, I often make a small coleslaw to go with it!

1 lime
2 spring onions
Some caraway seeds
Garlic clove
Cabbage, onion and carrot
Olive oil
Optional mayo or yoghurt or vegan alternatives if preferred
Splash of cider vinegar
Note: Chives also work instead of spring onions

Chop the carrots, onions and cabbage finely, toast a handful of caraway seeds lightly. Put in a bowl and toss with minced garlic, a fine chop of coriander, lime, olive oil, cider vinegar and spring onions or chives and sprinkle in the toasted caraway seeds. I use one tablespoon of Greek yoghurt, a little salt. This is tasty and tangy; if you wish for a deeper flavour, use more lime juice.

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