We’re Currently Looking For…

  • Large water storage containers including industrial bulk containers IBCs)
  • Wheel-barrows and trolleys suitable for use on rough ground
  • Metal cupboard with shelves in for storage
  • Heras fencing – even broken panels would be useful to us!
  • Strong wire mesh  or chicken wire
  • Timber posts or lengths of timber suitable for outdoor use
  • Timber pallets – if they are stamped HT or EPAL (heat treated) or KD (kiln dried). Sorry we cannot accept pallets marked MB as this means they have been chemically treated with the pesticide methyl bromide.
  • Plastic crates for storing our veg and for use as our veg boxes
  • Plastic guttering, downpipe, connectors etc

Our low carbon philosophy means we repair, re-use and recycle wherever possible. Your unwanted items might just be our treasures!

So if you are having a clear out –  do let us know Thank you 🙂

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