Chicken’s Egg Community Supported Agriculture Scheme (CSA)

Our chicken’s eggs CSA offers fresh free-range eggs (to our vegetable CSA members only) to be added to their boxes when available. Members also have the opportunity to buy individual boxes of eggs at our weekly Saturday working parties on the farm.

chicks 001 sm

Many people don’t realise that most eggs, including most free range eggs, are laid by chickens that are breed for egg production only, so typically the boy chicks are killed as soon as they hatch. Our birds are dual purpose meat and egg birds, so our boys get a good few months of running around in the sunshine, consorting with the ladies before becoming Sunday lunch. So many of our members, including vegetarians, prefer to eat  Oak Tree eggs to “regular” free range eggs. Our birds are less “efficient”, but at the same time as living a lovely outdoor life, they are also fertilizing out veg beds, and essential part of keeping the farm in good heart.

An CSA egg share costs £16, payable in advance (ideally by bank transfer to the farm bank account), and consists of ten boxes of half a dozen eggs. Members who have signed up for an egg share won’t necessarily get eggs every week, but they are guaranteed to get ten boxes in total. Towards the end of the ten boxes,  you can sign up for another ten if you like, but you don’t have to. Details are in your regular members’ farm email newletter.

Buff Sussex Hen

Buff Sussex Hen

We also sell any spare boxes of eggs (to vegetable CSA members only) at Saturday working parties, but we will charge a little more for these (£1.80/half dozen) – we offer a discount to members that sign up for a ten box share as this is easier for us to manage, helping to “share the risks and rewards of farming” – which is what community supported agriculture is all about!

To find out more about how we look after our beautiful chickens visit the virtual farm tour.

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