Join Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Scheme!

We’re delighted to offer three different membership options

Full membership is our original option – the one our members have been enjoying for the last few years. It involves a monthly payment + regular work hours at the farm.

Armchair Membership is the second option we introduced a year or so ago when we realised some people would love to have a veg box and be part of the farm – but were simply too busy to commit to any work hours at the farm.

And, brand new for 2018, we launched a third option! This sits half way between Full Membership and Armchair Membership. It is perfect for busy people who would like a weekly veg box and would also like to spend some time working at the farm – but don’t have that much time available. It’s called Reduced Hours Membership.

Below, you can find links to all the membership details.

We hope you will join us 🙂

  1. Regular/Full Membership Details and link to Membership Form
  2. Reduced Hours Membership Details and link to Membership Form
  3. Armchair Membership Details Here and link to Membership Form

A Summary of the Membership Options can be found here





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