Health, well-being and fitness benefits

Farm members report that working at the farm and being part of the farm community is very important to them. They say that:

  • Regular physical activity helps maintain fitness levels – and can improve fitness too.
  • Working at the farm is cheaper and more enjoyable than going to the gym!
  • They enjoy walking or cycling to the farm (where feasible) and contributing to the  farm’s low carbon ethos.
  • They appreciate having animals and chickens at the farm and say that working with them or even just visiting them and spending a little time watching them makes them feel calmer and happier.
  • Being outdoors and in a natural environment lifts their spirits and makes them feel good.
  • Members with depression have said that spending time at the farm has helped them.
  • Children love being at the farm, getting muddy, having space to run around and having an opportunity (with supervision) to visit the animals and chickens.
  • Members are grateful to be able to connect with the earth and with where their food comes from and to play a part in how it is grown (without the use of artificial chemicals).
  • Members say the farm is a great place to meet others and say they feel that they are part of a farm community.
  • Members say the farm is a fun and friendly environment and look forward to the Saturday work Parties and social events.
  • Members want fresh, nutritious food but are often unable to grow it themselves due to reasons such as: living in a flat, having a small back garden, not knowing how to grow food and not having time to manage an allotment. So they appreciate the convenience of the farm and the freshness of the food produced.
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