Isn’t this just another vegetable box scheme?

The Oak Tree is more than just a veg box scheme – it is a very unique, community shared agriculture scheme.

Most veg box schemes buy in vegetables from other farms and some box schemes buy some of their vegetables from abroad during the difficult months. We choose not to do this.

The veg we receive in our veg boxes is all grown at the farm – and we help to grow it!

There are little/no food miles involved.

As members, our annual commitment to the farm and our work on the farm ensures we get our vegetables at a better price than many organic box schemes.

The Oak Tree scheme is one in which we share the risks and rewards of growing food together as a community.  When there is a surplus, we share the surplus between us and enjoy it. And as members we also share the risk of some crops failing – although this has thankfully been rare.

We eat completely with the seasons, from fresh sweetcorn in the late summer, to sprouting broccoli in the early spring.

For more details see What Our Members Say

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