Living quite a long way from the farm has proved to be a challenge…

We have found that people who live between approx. 7 – 10 miles from the farm find membership a challenge due to the work hours commitment and the need to collect a veg box every week.

We ask you to think carefully about the commitment involved, and also about any additional fuel you would use driving to the farm.

If you joined the Oak Tree and then wanted to cancel your membership part way through the year – this situation is extremely difficult for the farm.

We rely on members signing up for a whole year so that the farm has sufficient income and enough help to grow food for everyone.

So, in this situation we would ask you to continue your farm subscription for the whole year and reserve the  right to charge £4.50 per hour for any un-worked hours.

So that is why we ask you to think carefully about the commitment before joining.

Thank you 🙂

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