Low-Carbon Cut-Flowers

We are delighted to offer bunches of fresh, low carbon cut flowers to members of our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Scheme on a pick-your-own basis. Full details are in the members’ mailings.

Oak Tree Low Carbon Flowers!

Oak Tree Low Carbon Flowers!

We are expanding the cut flower area, and increasing the range of flowers grown as cut flowers have grown in popularity in recent years!

Many cut flowers are imported, they are rarely grown in the UK so buying lovely flowers from The Oak Tree means your “flower miles” will be far far lower than if you buy from a supermarket.

Also, it’s worth  mentioning that most of the cut flowers found at supermarkets and florists shops are unfortunately laden with chemicals. They are grown intensively with pesticides and herbicides and other chemicals. By comparison, we don’t use artificial chemicals at the Oak Tree. There is a wonderful vibrancy to our cut flowers, the bees love them! Our flowers feel so full of life and joy.

We will provide more details about our cut-flowers later in the season.

Please note that as the farm not-for-profit social enterprise is registered for VAT all these prices include 20% VAT (Vegetables, eggs and meat are zero rated for VAT).

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