Low-Carbon and Chemical-Free Cut Flowers

We are delighted to offer bunches of fresh, low carbon cut flowers to members of our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Scheme  Full details can be found in the members’ mailings.

Oak Tree Low Carbon Flowers!

Oak Tree Low Carbon Flowers!

For 2018 we are also expanding our cut flower area with a view to selling flowers outside the farm too.

British-grown, chemical free flowers are becoming more and more popular.

Many of the flowers we find in supermarkets, online and in florist shops are imported from overseas and grown intensively using chemicals including pesticides and herbicides.

At the Oak Tree we think carefully about our environmental impact. We don’t use artificial chemicals and if you buy flowers from the Oak Tree your “flower miles” will be very low!

There is a wonderful vibrancy to our cut flowers, the bees love them! Our flowers feel so full of life and joy and they look fantastic.

So we think there is a great future ahead for locally-grown and chemical-free cut flowers.

In 2018 we would like to work in partnership with a handful of local businesses (e.g. florists, those in the hospitality industry and others) who would appreciate our very unique and special cut flowers.

If you are a local business who would be interested in working with us – do get in touch!

We will provide more details about our cut-flowers later in the season.

Please note that the farm is a not-for-profit social enterprise and is registered for VAT so any flower sale prices include 20% VAT (Vegetables, eggs and meat are zero rated for VAT).

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