Oak Tree Farm Cut Flowers

We have seasonal cut flowers available for our Community Shared Agriculture scheme members who can buy flowers as an add-on each week to their veg box. A generous bunch of flowers is offered, and our members find that they can often make two or three vase arrangements from these. Some photos of recent flowers can be found here

And… we also sell flowers direct to the public and to businesses. These are freshly cut, seasonal flowers available between early June – the end of October. In 2018 our flowers received many, many compliments 🙂

  • We sell bouquets for birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions – for delivery or for collection from the farm as preferred.
  • We also have a weekly delivery service for cut flowers in Ipswich and Woodbridge. We supply local businesses and individuals. So why not cheer up your home or workplace with some of our fab flowers each week?
Oak Tree Low Carbon Flowers!

Oak Tree Low Carbon Flowers!

Did you know that the flowers we find in supermarkets, online and in florist shops are mostly imported from overseas via the Dutch flower auctions? Not only have they been flown or shipped many miles, they’ve also been grown intensively using chemicals including pesticides and herbicides. And many of them feel artifical too – how often do go to smell a rose and find that it has no scent? Disappointing to say the least…  We’re pleased that more and more people are now looking for a low carbon and environmentally friendly alternative. And, we think it was great to see the royal wedding last year using seasonal, British-grown flowers and foliage too 🙂

We offer a local alternative to all those airmiles and potentially harmful chemicals!

At the Oak Tree Farm we think carefully about our environmental impact. We don’t use artificial chemicals and if you buy flowers from the Oak Tree your “flower miles” will be very low 🙂

Our flowers are grown in our bee-freindly flower garden. The bees love our flowers. There are so many different varieties of bee  in our flower garden that we lose count of them all! It is fantastic to watch them and to hear them as we work.

There is also a wonderful vibrancy to our cut flowers. They feel so full of life and joy and they look fantastic. They look just as nature intended.  We think there is a great future ahead for locally-grown and chemical-free cut flowers.

Whether you’re looking for a birthday or anniversary bouquet, some flowers to brighten up your workplace or your home, or some DIY wedding flowers, do contact us at

Tel: 07954 289490

[email protected]

More details can be found here

Please note that the farm is a not-for-profit social enterprise and is registered for VAT so any flower sale prices include 20% VAT (Vegetables, eggs and meat are zero rated for VAT).

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