Mentoring Visits

If you run a CSA yourself, or are interested in setting up a CSA then we can offer a mentoring visit.

Please fill in this form on the website of the CSA Network UK.

They have funds available for visits to support improving or setting up a CSA, including travel expenses!

Feedback from a Market Garden in Hampshire:

“We are an up and coming Market garden hoping to be supplying fresh produce to local businesses. What we couldn’t get our heads around was how to incorporate pigs onto our site, for Health and Safety reasons and how it would work having pigs that close to growing produce.

The Oak Tree came to see us and gave us some great advice on how they can work on the plot rotation and what they put into the soil. They also gave us some good advice not only on the pigs that what we can do with the rest of the plot regarding the weed problem where the pigs won’t be straight away. They talked a lot about the soil and the nutrients within it and how we can maximise it. All in all a very good worthwhile visit.”

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