More than just a Veg Box Scheme

Yes, we enjoy fresh, tasty and nutritious food every week, grown locally with little/no food miles. But members tell us that the farm is more than just a veg box scheme.

The farm is a special place where members can relax, unwind, make new friends and feel part of something bigger.

The idea of growing food sustainably – with respect for the land – brings people together around a shared purpose. And, when we go to the farm and spend a couple of hours hoeing or digging or transplanting seedlings we also meet people we may not otherwise have met. We can make new friends, enjoy new conversations and all of this enriches our lives.

Farm members appreciate being part of what we loosely call the ‘Oak Tree community’. The ‘community’ is basically all of us who are members of the Oak Tree or connected with the farm in some way. Over the years this has felt like a creative, supportive, fun community of people – and long may it continue!

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