Oak Tree Animals & Chickens

We kept pigs and cows at the farm up until 2017 – they were a key part of the The Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm’s integrated agriculture approach.

We are not keeping animals at the moment and will update this page if anything changes.

The photo below in 2017 shows one of our lovely Red Poll cows and before that we had two beautiful Jersey cows








Up until 2017 we also kept pigs and we moved them around the farm in electric fenced enclosures to clear, cultivate and prepare land for vegetable crops. Further information can be found here

The Oak Tree has kept chickens since 2012 and continues to do so

Our original breeds included:  Plymouth Barred Rock, Ixworth, Buff Sussex, Light Sussex, Speckled Sussex, Gold Laced Orpington and Rhode Island Reds.

We bred from these to produce robust, improved dual purpose chickens that suit the Oak Tree environment.

Our chickens live outdoors all year round and are moved to new areas of the field on a regular basis. They have fresh vegetation to forage in and fresh ground to scratch on and they eat the bugs and vegetation in their enclosure. They enjoy vegetable trimmings and any damaged or spoiled veg we give them. They also love the brewers mash (spent mash from the brewing process) given to us by two local breweries.

We supplement this diet with layers pellets which we buy in.  Unlike standard layers pellets, the ones we buy are free of GM soya and free of yolk colour enhancers.


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