The Oak Tree Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Members’ Testimonials

Our members come from all walks of life, and have many different reasons for joining the CSA. Some members want the best, freshest food they can find, some simply enjoy the company of fellow members in a relaxed environment, while many families like to show their children where proper food really comes from...

Rose thinks the Oak Tree is a fantastic idea and heartily recommends it:


Angela enjoys getting her hands dirty after a week in the office and learning new skills. She points out that many people have limited space in their back gardens:


Chris explains why you might want to join the CSA, he comments that it’s cheaper than going to the gym and highlights the benefits of being outdoors in a natural environment:


Tom highlights the benefits of the CSA compared to conventional food systems. He points out that the Oak Tree veg box scheme has a very low carbon footprint compared to other veg box schemes which transport food from other locations. He says the Oak Tree scheme enables you to reconnect with where your food comes from and how it is grown:


Tom compares the CSA with an allotment and has high praise for the CSA scheme!:


Kirsty talks about the environmental benefits of the farm, and the social side of being a CSA member which she really enjoys:


Eric enjoys working at the farm as it’s easier than an allotment and a fun, friendly environment!:


Joanne ran The Oak Tree Low Carbon farm for 7 years and talks about the benefits of the scheme when she set it up:

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