The Oak Tree compared to having an Allotment

A standard full-sized allotment, which is intended to feed a family when cultivated by an experienced gardener, is one sixteenth of an acre.  By comparison one CSA share is grown on around one twenty fifth of an acre.

Joanne – who originally set up the Oak Tree – was an allotment holder herself for many years, and says her experiences were pretty similar to these from a Telegraph article which suggests a minimum weekly workload of at least 12 hours per week.

This compares with and an average minimum of 1.5 hours per week for a Full CSA Member and with an average minimum of 0.75 hours a week for a Reduced Hours Member – with the added benefit of flexibility in the CSA so you can take time off without worrying.

And our Armchair Members can just sit back and relax as they are not required to do any work at all!

Many new allotment-holders fail to achieve good yields due to lack of experience and shortage of time or commitment.  As a CSA member your work commitment is far lighter than serious allotment-holding, and you don’t have to worry who will water your crops when you are on holiday!  All seeds, compost, machinery, tools, etc. etc. are included in your CSA membership.

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