What’s in the boxes each week

We can’t advise you exactly what will be in your veg box each week. This is because you will receive one equal share of the CSA vegetables harvested at the farm!  To see what previous shares have included see our regular photos and descriptions of the weekly shares. And there is some further information here  

We try to keep the volume of the veg in the boxes as even through the year as possible, but inevitably there are seasons of plenty, such as the autumn when we enjoy plentiful sweetcorn, beans, carrots, squash and more, and the summer when we enjoy abundant lettuce, tomatoes, courgettes, Swiss chard, among many other crops.  Wintertime brings parsnips, leeks, brassicas and more.

The really hard time is “the hungry gap” which is typically April/May when the winter crops have all but finished, and the spring crops haven’t yet started.  We work hard to keep the shares as generous and varied as possible, crops include sprouting broccoli, Swiss chard, winter salads including rocket and spring greens.

We invite members to complete an annual veg survey to say what they would prefer to see in their boxes over the year to come.

In the past some of our members got together to create make some preserves and we distributed the fruits of their labour via the hungry gap veg boxes in the spring!

We also run a members only Wild Food Walk each year in the spring.

Very occasionally we cancel the weekly boxes if the harvest is too small to justify distributing the boxes, or if the weather is so difficult that we can’t actually do the harvest (e.g. if the ground freezes solid without advance warning in the forecast) but this happens at most a couple of times a year, all being well.

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