Harvesting, hard work, happiness and a shrinking waistline

A few people have commented recently that I’ve lost weight since working on The Oak Tree. Jumping on the scales for the first time in ages, it turns out they are quite right, I’ve lost a stone this year. No bad thing, and I could do with losing a bit more, but it certainly isn’t due to eating less. I eat an enormous amount, including a huge quantity of vegetables 🙂

The reason is simple, and pretty obvious – I’m doing a lot of physical work! Today I harvested vegetables not only for my self-service stall but also for the Ipswich Country Market, Lux Farm shop and for my latest customer, the Suffolk Food Hall. Harvesting and preparing vegetables is a lovely job, but it does take quite a bit of time, and energy. This is the most I’ve picked in a day so far, and I’m really delighted with how popular my produce is proving. But I didn’t do much else today, so I’d better get more efficient!

Richard and I are working on some home made projects to make my harvesting easier and more efficient. Firstly a sunshade/rain cover for my cart to collect produce as I harvest it. Secondly a bigger, outdoor table for preparing produce with a temporary roof over it, and finally an individual harvester which will work in a similar way to this one only without an engine and for just me – initially I’ll pull myself along on a rope. Picking dwarf beans is hard on the back and slow – I think this device will make it far easier, and quicker.

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