New projects at The Oak Tree

In addition to the Community Supported Agriculture scheme planned for next year discussed here on the Transition Ipswich forums I’m talking to the local council about putting two acres of allotments on The Oak Tree. There is a real shortage of allotments in the local area, big housing estates were built in the neighbouring town of Kesgrave recently with _no_ space for allotments, and landowners in the town who hope to receive £1m per acre for house are reluctant to make land available (which is perfectly understandable, but sad that we get trapped in this loop). Once again there is something seriously wrong with our planning system if we are to have any hope of local food in the future.

Kesgrave residents are really doing all they can to secure alloments though! The Oak Tree isn’t huge at 12 acres, but as an ex allotment holder myself it would be good to make this possible for thirty or so plotholders.

And local people, both customers and members of transition ipswich have kindly offered to come along and help with planting the forest garden this winter – an amazingly wonderful thing. There really is change in the air, people want good food from their local area, and they are prepared to help make it happen.

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