Working Party 16 April 2011 – Raising the Polytunnel

Lots got done this Saturday  – lots of spuds got planted, sprouting broccoli harvested and at long last the skin got put on our polytunnel, the first one of the three frames we have had for a while. Dano brought some more herbs and planted them in the herb garden. We’ve also got a polytunnel raising page with lots more photos of the polytunnel raising for those that may be building one yourself and looking for how the stages look, we struggled to get a picture of how it would all progress beforehand, and would have liked to see more pictures!

Harvesting sprouting broccoli

The polytunnel frame started out like this

Polytunnel frame

Raising the plastic film

Tensioning the polytunnel skin

Tensioning the sides

Members of the polytunnel team take a well-deserved break

What the polytunnel looked like at the end of the day

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