Acorn Antics! The arrival of the pigs at The Oak Tree

Today was a big day at The Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm -the arrival of the first two pigs to be cared for, and utimately eaten by, Acorn Antics – our very own pig club.

Richard went to record the great event, Joanne was recovering from a heavy cold and will meet them for the first time on Monday morning. The only sound on the video is when a pig first encounters the electric fence.

Acorn Antics have their own blog where you can follow the pigs’ progress.

Pigs root, that is dig the soil with their noses, which is why they are so valuable on the land. If the electric fence is sucessful (at the moment they have both an exterior stock fence and an internal electric fence) we’ll move them around the farm to clear and cultivate areas of ground, a permaculture “pig tractor”.

They also poo, so converting organic matter into instant compost, improving the soil as they go. And they yield pork and bacon, which is very fine fuel for humans who are doing outdoor work cultivating the land.

William Cobbett, author of the wonderful Cottage Economy wrote: “In short, without hogs, farming could not go on; and it never has gone on in any country in the world. The hogs are the great stay of the whole concern. They are much in small space; they make no show, as flocks and herds do; but with out them, the cultivation of the land would be a poor, a miserably barren concern.

In time we hope to grow as much of the pigs food as possible on the farm. From the start they will each any veg waste generated from our vegetable Community Supported Agriculture Scheme.

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