Pig club progress

Tom’s video of the Pig Club pigs being butchered from The Oak Tree had me falling about laughing this morning (does that sound a bit sordid!?)

Very many thanks to Colin of Mickleson’s butchers on Woodbridge Road, East Ipswich. Mickleson’s is a wonderful, traditional butchers – I can vouch for it as I was brought up on meat from there (so the shop has been there for quite a while!) and my Mum still shops there. They are very friendly and helpful, so if you are looking for a source of excellent quality local meat but aren’t sure what to buy, don’t be afraid to go there and ask for something like, “beef that’s nice to casserole but not too pricey”, or a “really nice joint of pork for a special occasion” – they’ll know what you need.

Last night Richard and I enjoyed a dinner almost entirely from the farm (the salt on the joint & the butter on the veg came from France) – fantastic!

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