Our first Eggs from the Chickens

The chickens are settling in nicely now. Our ladies came from the lovely people at The Suffolk Chicken Company , the very helpful and friendly Katie and Tom – many thanks to them for all their advice, and impromptu training on how to hold a hen which you can see here in our post about the arrival of the chickens. We’re hoping that later in the year they’ll be able to supply us with a red gene Sussex boyfriend for our ladies – that way we’ll be able to sex the chicks when they hatch (they’d be a different colour, it isn’t technical!)

inside the chicken house

They have a remarkable effect on the vegetation, doing a pretty good job of working over an area in one day. We move them on each day so they have a fresh patch of grass and clover to eat.

the patch where the chickens were yesterday can be easily seen

Kirsty and Joanne looking for eggs

The hot tip for looking for eggs is that it’s pretty much like watching a kettle boil. It doesn’t happen until you look away ๐Ÿ™‚

Our First Eggs

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