Is Lesley planning to tunnel to Australia?

You can never be sure what CSA member Lesley is planning next… in fact, she isn’t planning to save on airfares and carbon emissions by tunneling to Australia. She is, in fact, starting work on The Oak Tree wood fired clay oven. This is her digging the hole for the foundations.

Now, this will be no ordinary oven as Lesley is a talented sculptor and there is talk of her sculpting our new oven into the shape of an acorn and its leaf… how fantastic!

It’ll take a few weeks to build as each layer of clay has to dry out before we can fire it up!  Watch this space, or rather hole – if you come up to the farm soon you may well be roped into helping with the construction (though remember the CSA rule that no-one has to do a job they don’t want to!)  Or if you hang on a while you may just find yourself eating pizza 🙂


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