Chick celebrations!

Richard’s new incubution monitoring device is working a treat… the number of chicks hatching here is just incredible! Ixworths, Speckled Sussexes, Boris’s (our Buff Sussex Cockerel) offspring…. and we still have more Ixworths and Golden Lace Orpingtons on the way! I can hear cheeping from the incubator as I type… as soon as they fluff up I’ll pop them in the brooder with their pals. Seventeen chicks so farm, and many more on the way!


Clever old Richard built a device to monitor the humidity and temperature of the incubators, which has given us a far higher hatch rater. We add beer towels soaked in water to the incubator for the last three days of incubation to raise the humidity. You can see the temperature and humidity in The Oak Tree Final Hatching incubator live here. The occasional dips in temperature and humidity are when I take the latest arrivals out to join their mates!






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