Tom’s wildlife blog – November 2013

A rather mild November has brought with it the usual autumn species. Fieldfares and redwings are often seen in their perpetual search for food, while starlings are beginning to form large flocks at dusk.


A yellowhammer in the high branches of the hedgerow

Our local male kestrel hovering expertly over the field and an occasional unexpected sparrowhawk swooping low over the polytunnels, keep the small birds in the hedgerows on their guard. The wrens, robins, blackbirds and dunnocks have been joined by yellowhammers, which seem to spend winter with us but go elsewhere to breed in the spring. Assorted tit flocks also pass through occasionally, most notably large groups of long tailed tits with their delightful high pitched contact calls.

A number of magpies and jackdaws are the most vocal resident birds at the moment, along with the ever present pied wagtails who greatly enjoy following the pigs. Still no sign of any barn owls this month. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for the spring.

Generally speaking it is of course the time of year when wildlife is preparing for winter. Survival will be the name of the game over the next few months.



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