Soil Carbon Sequestration – Savory Conference

Thank you to Eric and CSA members who did the harvest and working party on Friday and Saturday last week so I could attend the Savory Conference in London. This was all about using farming to sequester carbon in the soil though innovative farming techniques (of the sort we are trying at The Oak Tree).

You can watch the entire conference, for free, here:

Here are some of my personal favourite parts of the conference:

Darren Doherty is the man who inspired Eric to return to the farm and say “we need livestock”. Find out why I listened to both of them, Day One, Session 3, from 03:29

For an extraordinary insight into how soil works from a remarkable lady on the cutting edge of science, Elaine Ingham, Day One, Session 5, from the beginning.

Joel Salatin is my hero. If I ever feel discouraged at The Oak Tree, I read or listen to Salatin. Hear him talk Day One, Session 5 from 2:00:00.

I’d never really listened to Hunter Lovins before. Worth doing. Day 2, Session 1, from 1:13:25

Need to see the world from a new perspective, or simply to be entertained? I highly recommend the author of “The Optimist’s Tour of the Future” Mark Stevenson Day 2 Session 5 1:47:00

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