Update on how you can help to Save the Oak Tree!

It is a week since I announced our campaign to Save The Oak Tree, and so much has happened since then! I have been truly overwhelmed by the support and friendship shown to the farm by our members and friends of the farm… too numerous to mention here. I am so very grateful to everyone who shares my belief in the ecological, community farming that we do together at The Oak Tree! Thank you all 🙂

1st Box Mar 2015

We plan to launch our crowdfunding campaign in about three weeks time, towards the end of July, which will be the time to pledge money to safeguard the future of the farm! Rest assured we shall publicise the crowdfunding page far and wide as soon as it is launched!


IN the meantime we have lots of work to do to prepare, including making a video, setting up the rewards, organising a launch event and contacting the press.

How much are we going to ask for?

Our crowdfunding campaign will have two targets. We will set a deadline towards mid September for the end of the campaign.

The first, the “survive” target of £27,000 would allow us to continue our work at least to the end of 2016, hopefully longer, but we can’t guarantee it. The growers would earn up to the minimum wage (in some cases less, to ease the farm budget) and we would have the minimal additional composting and irrigation equipment we need to make our work more efficient, and our farm more productive.

Max and Milo, the cats from next door

The second “thrive” target of £38,000 would secure our future into 2017, giving us time to develop our low carbon fruit and flower gardens, and to overcome the red tape blocking building our community building to welcome visitors and to run courses. With the this extra money we could top up the farm income enough to pay our growers  the minimum wage.

What will happen if we don’t reach the lower target?

Here at The Oak Tree we are working on the assumption that we will succeed, for example we are still planting out leeks for the winter 2015/2016 harvest!

But, it is a reasonable question to ask, and the answer is in our Frequently Asked Questions list.

Would you like to help us?

Many kind people have asked, “What can I do to help?”. Here are some concrete things you can do, right now, that would really make a difference!

A beautiful naturally grown sunflower!

How to help: Help to spread the word! Please vote for farm member Anne Gould’s article on Contributoria – your vote will make a real difference to our chances of being picked up by national media! It really is quick to do, and free of charge, we promise.

How to help: Social media support!

Please on Twitter and remember to use the “hashtag” #SavetheOakTree when you talk about us! Retweet our messages, and make up your own.

Visit our Facebook page! and share (don’t just “like”) posts about the campaign!

Email and talk with your friends and family. Many people will want to ask questions about the farm and what has happened. You can direct them to our Frequently Asked Questions  about the #SavetheOakTree campaign.

How to Help: Please do reserve as much money as you can to pledge to our crowdfunding campaign when it gets under way in late July. We need as sustained success to encourage lots and lots of people to get involved! But even if you are feeling hard up, a small contribution is still a big help, and adds to the “snowball effect” of the campaign. Remember, if we don’t reach the “survive” target, we will receive nothing.

How to Help: Sell things on ebay to have more to donate! Maybe you have a few things lying around that you don’t need, but which you could sell on ebay and then contribute the proceeds to the Campaign? Reusing stuff is all very much in the spirit of the farm – remember – much of the farm infrastructure is built out of stuff that other people threw out!






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