Join Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Scheme!

We’re delighted to offer three different membership options

All of the options include a weekly veg box containing ultra-fresh veg and the opportunity to buy optional free range eggs, cut flowers, soft fruit and to join in our social activities: –

Full membership is our most popular option for those who would like to spend time at the farm on a regular basis and work on the land with us. (No experience needed!)  This option involves a monthly payment + regular work hours at the farm up to 2 hours a week on average throughout the year.

Reduced Hours Membership, as the name suggests, is the perfect choice for busy people who have limited time available but would like to help out at the farm on a regular basis. The work hours are just half the number of hours we ask our Full Members to work! This option involves a monthly payment + regular work hours at the farm up to 1 hours work a week on average throughout the year.

Armchair Membership is our third option.  We introduced it when we realised that some people would love to have a weekly veg box and be part of the farm – but were simply too busy to commit to any work hours at the farm. So the idea is they can relax in their armchair whilst we do all the work! Our Armchair members don’t have to do any work at all at the farm! Instead, they pay a little more for their membership, which helps the farm. They enjoy all the benefits of the farm and an additional benefit is that we will deliver their veg box to their door in the Ipswich area.

Below, you can find links to all the membership forms and details. Please download a form, fill it in and drop it back to us by email or post

We hope you will join us 🙂

  1. Full Membership Form
  2. Reduced Hours Membership Form
  3. Armchair Membership Form

A Summary of the Membership Options can be found here

If you have any questions, please get in touch here





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