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Why? The Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm is a not-for-profit social enterprise. Our aim is to produce good food while caring for people, wildlife and the planet. We work incredibly hard to achieve this, but the current policy framework in the UK makes our aims all but impossible to achieve, unless you inherit vast swathes of farmland.

Farm member Stella, aged 2, with an Oak Tree bean

Farm member Stella, aged 2, with an Oak Tree bean

Every household in the UK pays, on average, around £250 each year to the EU Common Agricultural Policy which dishes out enormous subsidies to already rich landowners who don’t even have to farm the land to qualify.

Here at The Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm we receive no subsidies at all, (we’re “too small” – everything is geared up to megascale, and mega capital investment) yet the current shortfall in our finances is just about £200 per year per household that we feed – less than the amount UK households pay towards EU subsidies!

The whole landscape may change post-Brexit, but we’re in the EU for another two years. And powerful lobby groups such as the NFU are going to demand more of the same from the UK government. Meanwhile, we’re slowly losing money…

All good things! photo credit Jonathan Cherry

All good things! photo credit Jonathan Cherry

Many farms wouldn’t be viable without subsidies – we’re not alone. Unlike us, many farms are simply trashing the soil they are farming, causing a decline in farmland wildlife, not to mention producing food with declining mineral levels, and questionable chemical residues.

Meanwhile we are sequestering carbon from the atmosphere into our soil, while producing excellent food, including meat from happy animals, all while the wildlife and our community thrive.

Photo credit Jonathan Cherry

Photo credit Jonathan Cherry

Why don’t we charge our members more? Quite simply, we don’t want to restrict farm membership to people with lots of money. Some of our better off members do indeed support the farm beyond the veg share price, but quite a few members simply can’t afford to.

So please do pay us an “Ecological Farming Subsidy” today to help to redress the balance!

Thank you.

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