Full membership

Full membership is our most popular option. It is for those who would like to spend time at the farm, helping to grow the veg and enjoy a weekly veg box. – no experience needed!

We ask for a monthly payment, currently £49.83, plus a commitment to help out at the farm for an average of 4 hours per month at times to suit you. These are ‘person hours’, so if there are two people in your household and you each do 2 hours work, that would count as 4 hours. For example a couple with full membership could come to the farm work party for 4 hours once every 2 months.

Rather than being a chore, most members regard the time they spend at the farm in the natural and relaxed environment with other like-minded people as one of the best things about being part of The Oak Tree Community Farm.

We want to be as accessible as possible for families with children – we want to encourage the next generation to understand how food can be produced sustainably. So children who come to the farm count towards their family’s work hours even if their work contribution is less productive!

Each week you will receive a veg box to collect from the veg stand near the farm entrance. Many of our members are part of a delivery group with other members living nearby, who take it in turns to deliver the veg boxes to their group. Our veg boxes vary throughout the year with the changing seasons.

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At certain times of the year we occasionally buy in small quantities of local organic produce, but the vast majority is grown on the farm. We are not certified organic – because our members are directly involved with growing our veg from seed to harvest, certification is simply unnecessary! We never use any artificial pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers.

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  • An equal share of the vegetables harvested that week
  • Option to buy flowers and eggs
  • Help out on the farm at our weekly Saturday work parties or at other times to suit you
  • You and your family welcome to come to social events at the farm
  • Weekly members email