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Beltane Party & Grand Toilet Opening!

Well, what a great evening we had celebrating Beltane at the farm! Beltane is the traditional celebration of the arrival of summer, and it is starting to feel that way at the farm.

Thank you to the record number of members who came along and made it such an enjoyable event.

None of us maypole dancers should give up our day jobs any time soon, but we did have a lot of fun! Thank you to Martin and Jon for providing the perfect musical soundtrack to the evening. Our next farm social will be our celebration of the summer solstice on 24th June.

Our new compost toilet building is officially open!

As part of our May Day celebrations we made a big push to finish off and tidy up our new toilet and hand-washing building, so that it could be officially opened by Councillor Stuart Lawson who had facilitated the grant funding of the materials we used from the East Suffolk Council Enabling Communities Budget.

Stuart and fellow councillor Sam were very impressed by the building, especially when we showed them the former mini-shed. A massive thank you to farm director Lucy for co-ordinating and drawing up the plans, and to everyone who worked on the project, especially Alec and John (pictured either side of Stuart) who applied their considerable skills and ingenuity (and a lot of time) to constructing it for us.  

It has already made a big improvement to the farm’s facilities and will mean that we can now invite visiting groups without embarrassment. No more crouching into a cramped cobwebby lean-to with minimal privacy. Welcome to the new era of a toilet to be proud of – a proper roof, a proper door, a proper lock, and loads of space! Then once you’ve been, just wash your hands at the plumbed in sink provided under cover in the same building. There’s also a kitchen style stainless steel sink that makes washing mugs a breeze.