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Winter at the farm

We've been celebrating the winter solstice, but we're still busy up at the farm through the winter months. We are enjoying the first green shoots in the polytunnels as the days very slowly start to lengthen.

On the Saturday before Christmas we celebrated the winter solstice to mark the turning of the season. It was a lovely evening with a beautiful sunset, followed by music around the bonfire. The mulled wine and cider flowed, and the mince pies were warmed nicely under the fire. All this helped keep the cold at bay, and a good time was had by all. Special thank you to farm member Martin for really bringing the evening to life with his accordion and songs. Roll on 2023 and the lengthening days! 

Our winter veg boxes are featuring a mix of brassicas such as red cabbages and brussels sprouts, as well as a good crop of winter carrots, celeriac and swede, plus stored squash, onion and garlic. Along with the standard winter staples of parsnips, and leeks, these nutritious veg boxes all make for delicious winter dishes such as roasted veg, soups and stews.

Our composting toilet building is nearing completion, with walls and doors being installed by our fantastic team of handy members. We’re really excited for the ‘grand opening’ – coming soon! Meanwhile our Saturday work parties have been busy occasions in between the cold and wet weather. We’ve been pleased to welcome quite a few more new members recently, and everyone has enjoyed getting to know each up at the farm. Look out for more news on the second year of our no-dig project including some new crops and expanded no-dig beds. We’ve even got a shiny new website waiting in the wings thanks to some of our members’ computer wizardry. Here’s to an even more bountiful and joyful 2023!