Easy Slow Cooked Stir Fry Mix

The Oak Tree Stir fry mix varies through the season. Of course, quick stir frying is a great way to cook the farm stir fry mixes, but this method of cooking works really well for the bags that contain lots of thick stemmed larger leaves such as kale and winter greens. It is incredibly simple and you can just leave it cooking slowly while you go and do something else, until the greens are then tender and delicious.

Chop the mix up, in particular chop the thicker stems into small pieces. You can add a chopped onion or leek if you like.

Chop the thicker stems quite small.
Chop the thicker stems quite small.

Melt some butter in a saucepan and cook the stems first, adding a little salt. After a few minutes add the rest of the chopped stir fry mix and stir round a bit.

Leave to cook on a very slow heat until tender, stirring from time to time.