Fennel, Salmon and Mash

Fennel, Salmon and Mash
Fennel, Salmon and Mash

This is Jeremy’s own recipe for using some of our tasty fennel. Enjoy!


      • Fennel
      • salmon fillets
      • potatoes
      • milk, butter and salt
      • garlic
      • spinach
      • tomatoes
      • olives
      • lemon


    1. Peel and boil the potatoes
    2. Slice the fennel bulb and microwave in water for 3 – 5 minutes, and then drain
    3. Fry the fennel with the salmon (about 4 minutes on each side)
    4. Chop the tomatoes and garlic, fry with the fennel, and add a few olives
    5. Microwave the spinach in water for 3 minutes, and then drain
    6. Mash the potato with butter, milk, salt and finely chopped fennel feather
    7. Serve with a slice of lemon

Bon appétit!