Jazzed up cabbage with onions and bacon

This dish can be easily adapted with vegan/veggie bacon and the odd sundried tomato finely chopped to deepen the flavour if not using bacon/veg bacon. A lot of recipes state a Savoy cabbage, but can use most types to make it, sometimes even a hint of cream is added at the end.

1 large cabbage
200 grams of your favourite bacon or veggie alternative
1 large onion
50 grams of butter
150 mls of water

Gently fry the sliced onion, two or three minutes is fine, then add in the chopped bacon. Now stir in the cabbage and water and stir from time to time until cabbage is cooked and still retains some of it’s colour. Optional minced garlic or a dash of cream or equivalent can also be added, but as a stand alone side dish minus garlic and cream it is still delicious.