The Oak Tree Hungry Gap: How to survive and thrive!

With apologies to the lovely author of Surviving and Thriving on the Land, Rebecca Laugton for pinching the phrase from her book’s title, here is The Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm Members’ guide to surviving and thriving through the hungry gap of (roughly) April/May.

1) Make the most of your veg box.

end Mar 2015

We do everything we can to keep your veg box as plentiful as possible, but inevitably most of the contents of your box will be leafy. Keep referring to the farm recipe page for ideas on new things to do with them, and share your ideas on what to do with the veg (please see members’ email for how to do this)!

2) Make the most of the wild food harvest!

A bowl full of exquisite nettle tips for the soup
A bowl full of exquisite nettle tips for the soup

Join a Wild Food Walk for farm members. We’ll make delicious salads and soups from the plentiful (perennial) wild foods that (fortuitously) fill the hedgerow at this time of year!

3) Get involved with Preserving!

The Oak Tree is all about working together for everyone’s benefit, with some farm members experts in preserving and fermenting. See regular weekly newsletters for current information.

And before you know it we’ll be into the feast of July (weather and hard work permitting!)