The Oak Tree Wild Food Walk 2015!

Our annual wild food walk and lunch is a traditional point in the farm year, another string to our members’ bows as they learn to survive and thrive in the hungry gap.

This year’s walk took place last weekend, and we were delighted to welcome friend of the farm Tasha who gave our members a new angle on the whole business of foraging.

Tasha, foraging queen!
Tasha, foraging queen!

After a walk round the farm (no need to go any further!)…

wildf_IMG_3252_lzn wildf_IMG_3213_lzn wildf_IMG_3243_lzn

Then it was time to take stock of our haul…

wildf_IMG_3299_lzn wildf_IMG_3257_lzn wildf_IMG_3261_lzn wildf_IMG_3283_lzn wildf_IMG_3297_lzn

And finally it was time for the serious business of preparing it all!

wildf_IMG_3278_lzn wildf_IMG_3287_lzn wildf_IMG_3295_lzn wildf_IMG_3300_lzn

For some recipe ideas, please see this article on the Guardian website about our wild food walk last year!