Suffolk County Council Locality Budget

We would like to thank County Councillors Inga Lockington and Stuart Lawson for generously contributing funding from their respective Suffolk County Council Locality Budgets to farm projects this year. Their funding will make a real difference to the farm. We’d like to thank them both very much for this support.

Inga Lockington is County Councillor for St Margaret’s and Westgate wards in Ipswich. Inga has contributed money towards a new super efficient irrigation system for our polytunnels. This saves time and it saves water. It also has educational value in enabling us to demonstrate to farm visitors a simple method of reducing water use.

Stuart Lawson is County Councillor for Kesgrave and Rushmere St Andrew. Stuart has contributed money to enable us to buy some much-needed farm equipment and seeds for our green manure project at the farm. We grow green manures at the farm to enrich and improve our soil to improve crop health and to increase the number of crops we can grow. Stuart’s funding will be helpful from an educational point of view too as we will be able to show visitors to the farm how all of this contributes to sustainable food-growing.


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