Thank you!


We offer our sincere and heartfelt thanks to each and every person who contributed to the 2015 Save the Oak Tree Crowdfunding Campaign. Many of these kind people are listed below. Without you there would be no Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm today.

But we are still here and still thriving: the pigs are rooting merrily, the chickens are scratching in delicious veg trimmings in the sunshine, our trees, bushes, veg and flowers are growing and our members are working together with the farm growers to produce real food while really caring for the environment (not least our soil carbon work) and having a good time while doing so!

We still have a way to go, at time of writing we are making progress with our building feasibility study, and we hope to harvest our first substantial soft fruit harvest this autumn. We are still losing money each month, but less than before and we aim to break even in 2017… watch this space!

If you helped and your name is not on the list, it is simply because we didn’t receive a reply to our email asking how you would like your name to appear, or because you ticked the ‘anonymous donor’ box when you donated. If you donated, don’t appear below, and would like to, please contact us.

Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you each and everyone of you!!!

  • Dano
  • Juliet Tom and Maggie
  • Neil Adcock
  • Emilie Aguirre
  • Sara Allan
  • Lucy B, “Hoping for many more fruitful years!”
  • Susannah Batstone, “Wishing you well, from Devon”
  • Owen Bushell
  • Lucy Drake
  • Laura Daniel, “Wishing you much luck for the future of this special farm”
  • Mary Benefiel Dunn, “May the farm flourish and grow!”
  • Ryan Elivo
  • Julie Evans -Bateman, “I was pleased to support such a fantastic community project”
  • Talis Kimberley-Fairbourn
  • Emma Goodwin, “loves the oasis you are creating to which we aspire at
  • Caroline Hansen, “You are an inspiration!”
  • Lindsey Hines & John Mills
  • Ian & Edwina Hughes
  • Sally James, “We need more farms like yours!”
  • Dr Scott John, “Congratulations to all from Reciprocity in Australia.Your work is an inspiration to so many and we look forward to sharing many more of your successes into the future!! See you again at the farm in August/Sept 2016…”
  • Sam Jones
  • Steve M
  • Ross & Katie Mackenzie
  • Suffolk Mavericks
  • John Mann
  • Debbie Mitchell
  • Christina O’Neill, “A brilliant idea and a very worthy cause ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck for the future!”
  • Tim Roberts, Kelsale
  • Hilary Robinson
  • David Royle (East Herts Green Party)
  • Samarinder Sahota
  • Jo Salter
  • Victoria Spendlove
  • Chris & Marian Stephens
  • Jane Smith, “With love and best wishes!”
  • Kate Struthers and Fraser Florence
  • Julia Wakelam
  • Claire Elizabeth Wall, “I am so glad I found The Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm”
  • Louise Weinzweig
  • Diana Wellings, “Keep up the good fight!”
  • Colin Widdup
  • Woolley Project Management Ltd
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