About The Oak Tree Community Farm

Welcome to the Oak Tree Community Farm located on the outskirts of Ipswich.

The Oak Tree is a Community Supported Agriculture Scheme which means it is a partnership between farmers and the local community, providing mutual benefits and reconnecting the people to the land where their food is grown.

In practice we are a bit like a shared allotment – a large one with around 200 people helping at the farm on a regular basis!

Community Supported Agriculture Schemes have been popular in the USA and Japan for many years, and are now growing in the UK.  We were the first Community Supported Agriculture Farm in Suffolk!

Members of our scheme enjoy a weekly supply of ultra-fresh vegetables from the farm grown without the use of artificial fertilisers or pesticides. The harvest is shared out equally between members each week.

Members also have the opportunity to buy chickens’ eggs from the farm’s free range chickens, soft fruit and low carbon cut flowers.

Those who wish to, also enjoy the health, well-being and fitness benefits of working at the farm.

We also hold events at the farm for members of the public and social events for our members.

Our aim is to create a financially viable and environmentally sustainable farm producing a plentiful and diverse supply of nutritious food for the community of people that works on the land, having a good time while doing so.

By teaching and demonstrating how this can be done we hope to encourage others to do the same.

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise run by Community Interest Company (CIC). We have four directors : , Lucy Drake, Tom Wilmot, Andy Black and  Ken Stewart.


Tom Wilmot, one of the Farm’s directors

Joanne Mudhar, founder of The Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm

In this short video we made in 2013 you can learn about the history of the farm and meet a few of our members at the time. (N.B. the farm looks very different today!):

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Permaculture Association LAND Leanring centre

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